by Jenarchy

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Recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Roger Lima @TheMoatHouse Studio (2015)


released June 9, 2015

All songs written by Jenarchy.
Vocals by Jenarchy.
Bass and synth played by Roger Lima.
Guitars and percussion played by Jenarchy and Roger Lima.
Cover art by Jenarchy & Roger Lima




Jenarchy Gainesville, Florida

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Track Name: Dudes Like Me
They said if you wanted it
should've cut throat and gone for it
like the battlefield
isn't that what they taught to us?

now you're swimming with the big fish
and it's a dirty puddle filled with
the wasted remains
of constant conquests
splashin around like beach bunnies
playin it cute in the bloody murk of it
girl, don't ya feel lucky
just to be in there?

it's thick as thieves
and you can't see through this
if you have to steal everything
tell yourself you deserve it (you deserve it)

just stick the flagpole in and say
'we'll have it all if we want it'
we, we wont care for anyone
we won't, we wont... care.

what now when your home feels like Rome
with all the Ceasars and appeasers
cause this scene - it's a wet dream
for dudes who are dude pleasers

..dudes like me
Track Name: So So Sold
So you sold all of your friends out
for the new people you hang around
and now you can't trust anyone around you
but you were breaking out yeah
you were making changes
just got busy, too busy for old friends
let the valiance of the quest excuse them
just pick up the pieces you're left with
isn't it all..
isn't it all you wanted?
isn't it everything?

drown yourself in toilet bowls
strung out, cut out like paper dolls
did you catch your reflection in
the allure of shiny bathroom stalls
does it resemble
anything you ever wanted for yourself
more than just a mirror they use to see themselves in
smash it all, smash it all
just pick up the pices you're left with

so you sold all of your friends out..
no you never should have done that
Track Name: School Bus Rules
From in the background
you turned all of your friends out
and it's a safe bet
you wanted more, wanted more than this yeah
remember when you wanted more than
just gasping breathes between drowning
does it remind you of old times?
they've got your head in the bowl again

and you can't breath
and you can't see
and you can't be seriously dreaming of this
it's just another day
for the players running this game
and you know you better
better hold your tongue -
bite down til you bleed submission
head for higher ground
at the top of the bodies mound
see your name in lights and know you're safe